Integrity, Courage, Loyalty

Kimberley J. Wolfe

Years of experience: 10

Called to the Bar in 2007

About Kimberley J. Wolfe

Wolfe Law in Windsor and Belle River

I am a passionate advocate for my clients.  I believe that at its core a solicitor- client relationship should be long-term and forged on mutual trust and open dialogue.

I attended the University of Windsor and graduated with a B.A. Hons. in Criminology and Psychology.  Prior to attending Law School, I worked as a Law Clerk to learn 

the practice of Law from the ground up.  I also gained a wealth of experience in Real Estate through my years working with Teranet, the company responsible for automating the Real Estate system in Ontario.  This experience shaped my ability to complete a real estate purchase and real estate sale with ease and in a short period of time.  

I am a passionate advocate who always provides practical advice to my clients.  Passion must be tempered by practicality.  The goal in litigation should be to maximize the result while keeping costs to a minimum.

My practice focuses on maintaining and fostering a long-term relationship with my clients. If I am unable to meet your needs, it is my duty to assist you in finding someone who is best qualified to help you reach your goals.